VBI GLOBAL Conference & Expo 2024 – Houston, Texas, USA is a series of important and useful events to help businesses expand their business and invest. At the same time, the event will promote the product image of each Vietnamese business in the international market and especially the United States.


VBI GLOBAL Conference & Expo 2024 is organized by VBI GLOBAL with connections and media support from the Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs under the Mayor’s Office of Trade and International Affairs. Participating businesses will receive an invitation letter to make it easier to apply for a visa. VBI GLOBAL’s member units are ready to advise and support businesses in making visa applications.

This is an event that brings together America’s leading industrial purchasing corporations to provide important information about the market and promote direct, effective business transactions.

VBI GLOBAL Conference & Expo 2024 is where the Vietnamese business community connects, understands the difficulties, obstacles, and risks in the process of international business development and is ready to share and support each other through practical experience.

VBI GLOBAL Conference & Expo 2024 is a place to meet and connect directly with experienced legal, financial, tax, human resources support experts… to share and exchange important information about standards, regulations related to import and export in the US market.