The City of Houston (City) is conducting a comprehensive Disparity Study (Study), led by MGT Consulting Group (MGT).  The overall purpose of the Disparity Study is to understand the effects of race, ethnicity, and gender on businesses’ ability to do business in the city’s marketplace – both public and private sectors, acquire capital, and win contracts or subcontracts in the markets in which the City of Houston does business.

As part of that process, the City will collect data regarding the availability of firms owned by minorities, women, small, physically disabled, and disadvantaged persons, and the utilization of these firms as contractors and subcontractors in the City’s marketplace.  In addition to analyses of quantitative data, the Disparity Study will also examine qualitative data regarding discriminatory barriers or behaviors (to the extent that it exists) provided by business owners, professional organizations, and other marketplace stakeholders.

We encourage ALL business owners to provide information about their experiences, particularly concerning discrimination while doing business or attempting to do business with the City and other public or private entities in the City’s market area.  We hope that all firms, not just certified firms, will participate.