Legislative Committee

Goal:  To oversee and manage relationships with political officials and stay informed on key issues

  • The Legislative Committee is responsible for reaching out to local, state, and federal politicians and officials to keep the chamber aware and informed of current issues. 
  • Ensure that the ACC has a presence and relationship with legislation. 
  • Keep members informed of civic issues such as new tax laws, re-zoning debates, new politicians in office, etc. 
  • The chamber does not declare a position for candidates, parties and issues, but does inform its members of the benefits and consequences of bills and referendums on the community.

Membership Committee

Goal:  To oversee all aspects of membership in the Asian Chamber of Commerce.

  • Recruit new members to the Chamber
  •  Survey member satisfaction on a yearly basis
  •  Work in collaboration with other committees to promote events
  •  Develop and maintain the Ambassador Program
  •  Identify individuals who can volunteer for the Chamber and be active in established committees

Program Committee

Goal:  To maintain a strategic view on all Asian Chamber of Commerce programming.  The Committee is not responsible for providing program but ensure that all programs are coordinated through ACC staff, board members and other volunteers.

  • Create a general plan for the coming year’s programs by November of each year
  •  Maintain and monitor program spreadsheet to continually evaluate ongoing efforts
  •  Coordinate closely with the Finance Committee for proposed program budget
  •  Coordinate closely with ACC President to acquire program sponsorship
  •  Ongoing evaluation of all ACC programs 

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