Bin Yu

Founder / Chairman
Utegration, LLC

Bin Yu is the Founder and Chairman of Utegration, LLC. He received a bachelor’s degree in Industry Engineering from Beijing Polytech University in 1991 and a master’s degree in Management Information Systems from Mays Business School, Texas A&M University in 1997. Prior to starting Utegration, Mr. Yu worked for Deloitte Consulting and SAP America where he led US Utilities Professional Service practice. Mr. Yu started Utegration in August 2008, and with his leadership the company has grown into one of the largest SAP Utilities Practices in the industry.
Mr. Yu serves as board director on the board of the Asian Chamber of Commerce in the last 6 years, and Chair of the chamber in 2019. Mr. Yu was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Asian Chamber of Commerce in 2013. Utegration was recognized as one of the top 25 minority firms in 2015, received the Aggie 100 award 2014 and 2015, named SAP Partner of the year in 2016, and awarded The Best Place to Work in 2016. Mr. Yu was also chosen as a winner of Immigrant Business Magazine’s Immigrant Entrepreneur. As a first generation immigrant, Mr. Yu strives to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to young professionals who are just beginning their careers.
Mr. Yu is married to Cindy, with whom he has a twelve-year old daughter named Ella.