Witness Tree Exhibit - May 13

Part 4 Tree of Life

Exploring East Asian and South Asian Histories and Connections to Nature and Art

Join the Chinese Community Center to introduce a cultural lens to nature and art. Calligraphy offers an important channel for the appreciation of traditional culture and for arts education.  Artist Brent Chiang will be at the event to write different styles of calligraphy while guests enjoy a calligraphy display. Additionally, beautiful and lively bonsai trees will be displayed as a water marble artist will showcase the mesmerizing practice at the event.
Interested in attending? Join us! No pre-registration is required. We'll see you there.
Thank you to our partners at the Chinese Community Center.

Saturday, May 13, 2023 9am to 11am
Chinese Community Center
9800 Town Park Dr, Houston, TX 77036
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