Grant Opportunity - 2023 Backing Historic Small Restaurants $40,000 Grants

The Backing Historic Small Restaurants program, presented by American Express in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, will award a total of $1 million in grants ($40,000 each) to 25 historic and culturally significant restaurants in the United States. This program seeks to assist a broad array of restaurants that have contributed to their neighborhood’s history and identity and that help tell a diverse story about cuisine and community in America.

Grant Selection Criteria for Eligible U.S. Small Restaurants:
  • Is a small/independently owned restaurant located in a historic or older building or neighborhood.
  • Contributes to the history and/or identity of its surrounding community or neighborhood.
  • Tells an inclusive story about cuisine and community in America (such as historic or ethnic food ways or culinary heritage).
  • Has a compelling and inspiring historical narrative or cultural significance.
  • Has been disproportionately impacted by economic challenges, disasters, or other hardships.

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For answers to frequently asked questions visit Backing Historic Small Restaurants FAQ.