Port Houston Engineering Opportunities for S/MWBE

Port Houston’s Business Equity Department has initiated an outreach campaign to increase the vendor pool of qualified, ready, and enrolled local S/MWBE
architectural and engineering service firms and connect these firms to Port Houston procurement opportunities along with specialized training.
In support of this effort, we are requesting your organization’s assistance to identify and provide a list of S/MWBE architectural and engineering firms within your membership.

Thursday, April 7, 2022
10:00AM-11:00AM CT (Virtual)

Event Objectives
  • Overview of the Port Houston Business Equity Program, enrollment process, and training opportunities
  • Hear from Project and Construction Management Team about the Facility Inspection and Condition Assessment Program (FICAP), FICAP among the Port's Professional Engineering projects, and Ports FICAP Certification Initiatives targeting S/MWBEs.
  • Q&A

Port Houston's Upcoming Infrastructure Projects
If your company provides construction services or supports the construction industry as a supplier of products and/or services, we encourage you to view the Port's Design and Construction Projects Report. This report prepared by the Project and Construction Management Team provides an overview on the scope of work for each upcoming project, aerial photos, S/MWBE opportunities, and project manager contact information.

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