Live Webinar - Getting Ready For International Trade

May 6 | May 11 | May 13 | May 20 | May 27

SERIES SESSIONS  Session 1: Readiness to Export
What does it take for a company to be ready to export? This session will look at what needs to be in place before exporting. Learn the most important actions you need to take to ensure you are successful.

Session 2: Where To Export
A critical decision a company must make when planning to export is the selection of the foreign markets. Learn why many companies don’t get this right leading to missed opportunities. This session will focus on best practices in selecting foreign markets to maximize your export potential.

Session 3: How to Enter Foreign Markets and Selecting Partners
Once a company has selected a specific market, the next step is to decide which entry mode to use and select great partners. A company may also consider direct sales into a market. This session will review entry mode decisions and how to find strong partners, even during a Covid-19 pandemic.

Session 4: Leveraging Resources for
Export Success
You don’t need to do this alone. There are many resources available to maximize your success while minimizing risks. This session will analyze the critical partnerships you need and the data resources for making better decisions. We will also discuss international eCommerce and digital strategies.
Session 5: Putting It All Together
Now that all the key decisions are made and you've leveraged your resources, you can now create your export plan. This session will explore why this is a critical final step you must take, resources available to facilitate creating the plan and discuss how to execute the plan.

Jim Foley, Author, The Global Entrepreneur

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