National AAPI COVID-19 Vaccine Learning and Listening Sessions - March 25

Thursday, March 25, 7pm ET | 6pm CT | 5pm MT | 4pm PT | 1pm HT

A learning session with national and regional AAPI community leaders from various disciplines sharing ways COVID-19 and the vaccine are impacting our communities today.

  • Sharing experiences surrounding views, concerns, and acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccines within the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities
  • Understanding the top concerns in the community in order to provide better resources
  • Provide an outlook on the future as the vaccine becomes more widely available
  • Demonstrate Walmart’s commitment to safety, accessibility and equity in AAPI communities

The National COVID-19 Vaccine Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Learning Session takes place on March 25, 2021 at 4 PM PDT / 6 PM CDT / 7 PM EDT.

Dr. Karen Eng, President & CEO, CSMI Engineering, Chairman of National ACE

Our convening will be joined by two Walmart Health and Wellness professionals who work directly with the distribution of the vaccines. These experts will participate in the discussions in order to garner a better understanding of the needs of the AAPI community, as well as help answer questions surrounding vaccine registration, eligibility, side effects, and safety.

Walmart Health and Wellness Representatives:
  • Mr. Anthony Chung, Market Director Health & Wellness
  • Ms. Sam Meraj, Senior Director, Quality, Safety and Reporting, Health & Wellness

The program will begin with brief introductions by National AAPI leaders:
  • Chiling Tong, President & CEO, National ACE
  • Thu Nguyen, Director, OCA Asian Pacific Advocates
  • Sue Ann Hong, President & CEO, Center for Asian Pacific American Women
  • Katrina Breese, Vice President of Development and Programs, APIA Scholars
  • Susi Feltch-Malohifo’ou, CEO, PIK2AR
  • Jeff Caballero, Executive Director, AAPCHO

Then we will split all event participants into six (6) breakout rooms to cover the interest areas (outlined below). During the breakout discussions, both Walmart Health and Wellness professionals will join the small groups in order to have a more intimate and thoughtful dialogue.

Breakout Rooms and Co-Facilitators:

  • Caregiving - The intention of this discussion is to address the challenges and concerns of family and community caregivers
    • Co-Facilitators:
      • Ms. Sue Ann Hong, President and CEO, CAPAW
      • Ms. Victoria Huynh, Vice President, CPACS

  • Education - The intention of this discussion is to provide a perspective on the evolution of virtual learning and the challenges parents/students face as we begin to reopen.
  • Co-Facilitators:
    • Ms. Katrina Breese, Vice President, APIA Scholarship Fund
    • Ms. Linda Toyota, Vice President of Community Engagement, Lift Fund

  • Small Business - The intention of this discussion is to address the challenges small businesses continue to face in a post-pandemic environment.
    • Co-Facilitators:
      • Ms. Chiling Tong, President and CEO, National ACE
      • Mr. Bin Yu, Houston Asian Chamber of Commerce
      • Ms. Vida Lin, President, Asian Pacific American Community Development

  • Social Justice - The intention of this discussion is to address the equity issues our community faces as the vaccine becomes available.
    • Co-Facilitators:
      • Thu Nguyen, National Director, OCA Asian Pacific American Advocates
      • Mr. Floyd Mori, former Executive Director of APAICS
      • Ms. Mee Moua, former Senator, State of Minnesota

  • Social Services - The intention of this discussion is to understand the resources and services available to the community during the vaccine rollout.
    • Co-Facilitators:
      • Ms. Susi Feltch-Malohifo’ou, Co-Founder and CEO, Pik2ar
      • Mr. Evan Louie, One APIA
      • Ms. Bo Thao-Urabe, Executive and Network Director, Coalition of Asian American Leaders

  • Health Services - The intention of this discussion will be to understand how culturally relevant and competent health services are offered in AAPI communities that depend on in-language and in-culture support.
    • Co-Facilitators:
      • Mr. Jeff Caballero, Executive Director, Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations
      • Ms. Christine Lee, Chinese American Nurses Association