FOCUS on Fleet Safety Webinar

Take our off-ramp to Fleet Safety

Safety webinar: TUESDAY, March 16, 2021@ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

TSR, the City of Houston, and the Houston Vision Zero Program
Invite you to become a participant in a FREE Fleet Safety workforce development
program for small & mid-size companies. The program helps you improve safety by
adjusting your safety lenses in three key areas:

  • Leadership
    We’ll help you build a safety culture. You’ll learn from industry leaders what it means to be a Safety Leader. You’ll have access to industry best practices as well as executive coaching.

  • Training and Development
    Your drivers will have access to online driver development training as well as in-house skills courses you can run yourself. Training for management, supervisors, and training personnel is included, too.

  • Technology and Training
    You’ll get expert advice on choosing the right equipment for your vehicles. Our experts will help you with the installation and implementation of the technology in your organization.

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