Environmentally Sustainable International Trade in the Wake of COVID-19

The U.S. Chamber’s International Policy Coalition for Sustainable Growth is hosting an international event on June 16th with business leaders and government officials focused on advancing an environmentally-sustainable economic growth agenda in the wake of COVID-19.
G20 Governments are deploying massive resources to stimulate economic growth, which includes a reshaping of the global trade agenda.  Trade policies can play an important role in enabling the private sector to mobilize its resource and creativity to deliver environmental solutions where they are most needed and where they can have the biggest environmental payoff for the planet.    
This forum will engage leaders from the private sector, U.S. government, and multilateral organizations to discuss a path forward on international trade that promotes environmentally sustainable outcomes.    
This event will feature:
• Launch of a new road map on sustainable development policies
• Voices of business leaders on the pillars of environmental sustainability and resilience
• Perspectives of US and international officials on environmental and economic priorities for resilient recovery

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